About Our Company

HDS is a family owned company that has been working in the hospitality industry for over 14 years and now your single source for all your design and furnishing needs.

At HDS, we strive to give our customers quality products and superior service at an affordable price and the HDS team ensures that your project receives the consideration and attention to detail that it deserves.

We have an extensive design library & custom selections to meet all financial considerations. We will tailor a color palette of your choice to enhance the look of your property and create a unique setting that distinguishes you from the rest.

HDS has an excellent working relationship with hotel brands and understands the importance to abiding by brands standard requirement.

Samir Parikh - President : samir@hoteldepots.com

Amishi Parikh - Chief Operating Officer : amishi@hoteldepots.com

Richa Jain - Executive Accountant : richa@hoteldepots.com

Dhaval Mody - Director of Projects : dhaval@hoteldepots.com

Sonali Panchal - Project Coordinator : sonali@hoteldepots.com

Olga Kuczynski -Interior Designer : olga@hoteldepots.com

Viviana Orozc - Project Coordinator: viviana@hoteldepots.com

Sharath Parimalam - Project Coordinator: sharath@hoteldepots.com

Neil Parmar - Project Coordinator: neil@hoteldepots.com

Joseph Kaye –CAD Specialist : joseph@hoteldepots.com